• Saturday, May 22, 2021


With Vision to Transform India Digitally, We are proud to announce our Shared Web Hosting Packages with Lowest Price of Free Guarantee. These Shared Web Hosting Packages will support Start-Ups, Small Medium Entrepreneur & Other Professionals in having a Low Cost Unlimited Shared Web Hosting.

USP Of Shared Web Hosting - Comes with Unlimited Limitless Features mentioned in the list as follows 


We have Data-Centers powered by Google Cloud. Making it easier to Scale & Upgrade with One Single Click.

These Shared Web Hosting Plan comes up with One Click CMS Installer which supports you to Install any Preferred CMS of your Choice.

The Best Part all of this comes up under a cost of $1. 

In order to learn more about Shared Web Hosting, Feel Free to browse IT Solution Cart - Digital Transformation Services (indiatransform.com)